MultiTexMap Bundle


MultiTexMap is a bundle pack that includes material and texture maps that easily allow you to randomize materials and maps in your scene, based on random values, object id, material id, user properties and more.

This bundle includes MultiTexMap, VariationMap, MultiMaterialSelector, Front/Back Map and Shell Map.


Available for 3dsmax 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Compatible with Scanline Renderer, V-Ray and Corona*.

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  • MultiTexMap, allows you to randomize maps based on random values, object ids, user properties, face ids, etc.
  • MultiMaterialSelector, assign a material based on id.
  • VariationMap, create random variations of a color or map based on HSV or RGB values.
  • ShellMap, switch between viewport, render and editor maps. For instance using low res maps in the editor and viewport and high res during rendering.
  • FrontBackMap, like the Front Back Material but in a map.



*Corona does not support MultiMaterialSelector