Offline Render for Unity


Offline Render is an easy to use, realtime capture plugin for Unity. It allows you to capture the game view to a multi-channel OpenEXR or multiple PNG files, supporting not just the final output image, but also some common elements, like depth, per-light shadows, diffuse, AO (if present in scene as an Image Effect) and other G-Buffers. With the latest versions you can also create ObjectID passes and render to 360!

Offline Render allows you to render your Unity scenes and take them into a normal post-production pipeline using your favorite compositing software.


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  • Multi-channel OpenEXR output
  • 16-bit Half-float EXR
  • Offscreen rendering (render resolution independent of game view)
  • Capture UI
  • 360 monoscopic render output o PNG
  • Output to EXR, PNG or MP4
  • Realtime capture
  • Capture multiple cameras simultaneously
  • 10 out of the box render elements (Diffuse, Specular, Emission/Lighting, Reflections, Depth, Velocity, Normals, AO, Motion Vectors, ObjectID)
  • Forward render supported elements (Beauty, Depth, MotionVector, AO)
  • Developer API: Create your own custom passes. Documentation, sample code and sample scene included



  • Shadow pass only works with directional lights
  • Requires Unity 5+
  • Windows only