Physics Tools for Maya


Physics Tools enables you to work faster, smarter and lets you accomplish believable motion in just a few clicks away!

Available for Maya 2014+, Win64. Mac and Linux versions upon request. Licenses are node-locked. All sales are final.

After purchasing please contact to request your license file, please include your name, email and MAC address.


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  • Translation physics
  • Rotation Physics
  • Bakes object movement information to keyframes
  • Offset time
  • Euler Filter
  • You can create locators on selection and also bake that info to the locator
  • Lock any object to a point in space
  • Easy to reach Constraints with offsets and without


Update 1.4

  • New physics translations / rotations both at the same time! With super simple setup!
  • Dockable window
  • Physics Translations for multiple objects
  • Layers now get the same name of the selection
  • You can now keyframe the sliders properties, this lets you change the physics behavior during the animation.

Update 1.3 

  • New UI less buttons and clear text descriptions
  • Script editor will now give confirmed actions after any action.

Physics translations:

  • You can press play and change the sliders to see the changes in realtime

Physics Rotations:

  • New setup for better rotations output. Now you have to setup the aim vector and the up vector of a given object.
  • You can press play and change the sliders to see the changes in realtime


  • Fixed “Select objs bake to locators”
  • New “Select objs bake anim to locators and parent”
  • New “Select objs bake anim to locators and parent rotations only”


  • New Align Objects