Physics Tools for Maya


Physics Tools enables you to work faster, smarter and lets you accomplish believable motion in just a few clicks away!

Available for Maya 2014+, Win64. Linux version upon request. Licenses are node-locked. All sales are final.

After purchasing please contact to request your license file, please include your name, email and MAC address.


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For those necromancers that want to create live at a easier cost.
This tool allows you to spend more time on creating appealing poses that better portrait human emotions or ideas rather than technical issues that Animators usually spend most of their time on, like how to achieve great physics, overlapping actions, switch control space, manage time, visualize the geometry, create animation layers.
All that motion data is already hidden in your initial movement so with this tool your will discover the hidden world of motion!
You can create believable physics, motion and make the rig your own slave.


  • Physics Translations – Overlap Translations
  • Physics Rotations- Overlap Rotations
  • Physics Translations/Rotations – Overlap Translations and Rotations
  • Time – Bake selected controller to an animation layer, offset time add and subtract frames
  • Locators – Lets you use the Locator master force! Create Locators at the selection, bake all the controllers data to the locator and parent translations or rotations
  • Constraints – All the constraint option in a single button click for those with great imagination on how to combo the tools!

Update 1.7

  • Delay rotations – Select the objects and bake all the information to the locators then you can delay all the rotation information in order to delay some part of the body
  • Aim Constraint Workflow – Is based on Richard Lico workflow where the controller is aimed at the locator, great to polish hands, spines but with great mastery you can become a master necromancer
  • Rotations Space Workflow – Turns any controller into worldspace this way for example a Fk spine can easily be turn into a worldspace making every controller independent from the others influence
  • Weapon Controllers – Problems controlling pole weapons or any weapon at all? This lets you never to worry again
  • Space Locker – Pin target object in space
  • Proxy Mesh – Create simple forms and shapes to see your motion like cubes and spheres

Update 1.4

  • New physics translations / rotations both at the same time! With super simple setup!
  • Dockable window
  • Physics Translations for multiple objects
  • Layers now get the same name of the selection
  • You can now keyframe the sliders properties, this lets you change the physics behavior during the animation.

Update 1.3 

  • New UI less buttons and clear text descriptions
  • Script editor will now give confirmed actions after any action.

Physics translations:

  • You can press play and change the sliders to see the changes in realtime

Physics Rotations:

  • New setup for better rotations output. Now you have to setup the aim vector and the up vector of a given object.
  • You can press play and change the sliders to see the changes in realtime


  • Fixed “Select objs bake to locators”
  • New “Select objs bake anim to locators and parent”
  • New “Select objs bake anim to locators and parent rotations only”


  • New Align Objects




Node Locked (One license per machine)
Windows and Linux users Only