End User Event 2014

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Yes! Again! Same place! What can I tell you, it’s basically one of the best conferences I have the pleasure to attend, it’s fun, it’s in a pub and there is beer! Oh yes, CG too, all sorts of it, you name it.

I have to say it’s a pleasure for me to be able to speak there again for the second time, I love sharing what I learn and this is definitely the perfect place for it. This year my talk is titled “Developing for 3ds Max” where I’ll give an introduction to the new Python API, MaxPlus and also talk a little bit about C#. This will be a talk for all kind of users and all levels but of course if you are trying to get into scripting and programming to develop your own tools for Max, this is for you.

Hopefully some of the tips and tricks I’ll be sharing will also be of value to more advanced users so feel free to join in too!  I can also tell you that I’ll be talking and showing a lot of stuff that I’ve worked over the past year and shared here in my blog and my open source project on GitHub, YCDIVFX MaxPlus Packages.

At some extent I feel that this is something I will continue to do in the future, being able to work on small tasks/projects over the year and then gather all that and show it and talk about it.

So if you want to hang out with the cool kids, register at www.enduserevent.com and I’ll meet you there, grab me and let’s have a beer and talk about stuff!


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