EUE is done, new things to come!

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Artur Leao and Eddie Perlberg

That’s right, End User Event 2014 is done and it was a success pretty much like every year! I had the chance to see my friends again and meet new ones. I love it. Another cool stuff was the fact that I got to hang out with some of the guys from the 3ds Max development team, Alex Horst, Eddie Perlberg, Martin Coven and they are some pretty cool guys too! I hope to see them again next year or before, who knows!

I was very happy with my talk at EUE, I have to confess I was a bit worried before, since I had a lot of things going on before the EUE, like moving to a new country, but all went well. Attendance was pretty good considering the other talks happening at the same time and I think the feedback I got from it was very good too! Thanks to everyone that attended!

I’ve also submitted my talk to the Autodesk University, but unfortunately it didn’t make it, so I guess it makes it OK for me to finally share it here on my website, more news on that soon!

Another major event that went by during EUE was the official launch of the MGODI website, as some of you know it’s a project I’ve been working during the last year with my good friend Joep van der Steen and Ricardo Moutinho. We are currently on 3 platforms, web, iOS and Android, how cool is that? I can’t even imagine that a year ago all that we had was some black screens with text showing up an early prototype!

So if you either are a freelancer or a company looking for talent, go to MGODI website, register and post your job applications or wait for the right job to look at you!

This as also been a year to straighten relationships, personal and professional, and hopefully that will bring good things for the whole 3ds Max community, starting this week! Me and Daniel Santana are and will be working together in the future in a very broad range of projects, so stay tuned because this week we will bring you something new!

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading my words and please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail anytime! Take care and thanks for the beer!


There is always beer… even when talking on the phone!
Laughing out loud with my friend Hristo Velev
Serious business

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