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I’m very proud to say that we’ve just wrapped up the first version of a new app called MGODI we’ve been working on along with Joep (for those who don’t know him, he’s the mastermind behind End User Event).

What is MGODI do you ask? Well, it’s everything I wanted, especially when I was out there looking for a job!
MGODI is an app that connects companies and people, also people and people!

As a user you can create your profile and specify which are your skills and your expertise, and then, every time someone posts a job that match your skills and expertise…. guess what? You get notified! We want to have jobs looking for you. You can filter jobs by skills, expertise and country, of course, if you prefer, you can disable this filters and get ALL the job postings, which is great too 🙂

After you’ve been matched to a job, the process is really easy, you apply, on the other side, people are able to see your profile, your portfolio and send you an email. That’s it, that simple. After this, both parties do their own thing, we are just there to help out on the first step.

Of course, now you say “yeah right, how much is that gonna cost me?” and  I say: Nada, nicles, niet, zip, nothin!

It’s free for all users to register, have their profile and portfolio. For posting a job, there’s a small amount of 2.99$. All of this is available for iOS 6.0+ as a universal app for your iPhone/iPad.

Well, that’s pretty much it and it’s been a hell of a ride, BUT we’re not finished, we are now working on the Android which will come with some new features (that will also be made available for the iOS version), expect it in the first quarter of 2014, meanwhile be sure to check our website and download the app!

You can find out more here:

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    I down loaded app, and see no job posting, i so a message of 2 alerted on my phone, then its disappeared, when i went to the app, nothing, whats the deal?


    • Artur Leao
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      Please send an e-mail to info @ with the description of your problem along with a screenshoot please 🙂 Thanks!

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