Nyx, 3ds Max and Maya. Hello.

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You probably heard about our Nyx Framework by now and some of the products we’ve been developing like Nyx Voltron and Nyx DBR. These plugins have been heavily focused on 3ds Max but at it’s core the Nyx Framework is completely software agnostic and more recently we’ve been doing some R&D to play around with other products (Nyx Voltron already does this in an awesome way with Adobe After Effects).

So today we wanted to give you a small hint of what is possible. Nyx Framework will allow us to write great plugins and tools, but it is also an amazing tool itself for TD’s and we wanted to put that to the test. I’ve picked our Technical Director, Daniel Santana, to do a small demo with our current iteration of Nyx Framework and this is what he showed me 2 days after.

We hope you enjoy, we love making cool and useful stuff and share it with you all. Thanks!

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  1. Johnny
    | Reply

    Sending all your scene into nuke, and updating it like that.
    Plus lights cameras, textures….
    Need it for Maya, Houdini, 3dsmax, Cinema4d, Nuke and after effects .

    That’s awesome !!!

  2. Andy
    | Reply

    Can it handle anim? Right now at our studio, I have to export alembic out of maya for Cam and any geo (animated or static.) Also, Lights? Vray lights? Would love to know about this


    • Artur Leao
      | Reply

      Hi Andy, thanks for your reply.

      Right now it’s just a proof of concept but eventually, all that you mentioned is possible.

  3. Nyx framework is such a fantastic idea. Voltron – the live link to AE – is incredible. The future is very exciting!

  4. Andy
    | Reply

    Very cool, I’ll keep an eye on it as it develops!

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