Nyx DBR Alpha almost out there!

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Yeap, it’s true, it’s been some months of hardwork, moving countries and setting up a new website, phew! But we made it! We had setup this deadline for alpha already back in October and I’m pretty happy that we made it through, it makes us feel good and confident about the work we’ve been doing specially because we didn’t announce any dates for alpha nor final release, and honestly I prefer to keep it like that for as long as possible. We want to release often, improve often, so hopefully big milestones and big dates won’t be something that will worry us or our users. Let’s keep the spice flowing! That’s what matters the most 🙂

Anyway, here’s a small teaser, nothing big, just a fancy marketing video to put out there announcing that we are imminent to release Alpha. The amount of work done is incredible, although it might not be eye popping features but a bit more of background work, fixing the core and implementing some awesome stuff that will allow developers to use some of the latest technologies available, like Microsoft Reactive Extensions which allows you to compose asynchronous streams of data of just about anything, you’ll love it trust me! Anddddddddddddddd bam!



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