Nyx DBR Alpha released

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We’re proud to announce that Nyx DBR as reached Alpha with some major rework done on the underlying technology. This is still an early release and we couldn’t fit as much eye popping features as we would love too but it’s important for us to have the framework working properly and steady.

In addition to the major benefits in Nyx DBR, like working while you render, and being able to use it to DBR with any 3ds Max renderer, for Alpha we also have automatic progress updates while you’re rendering. Independently of the renderer you are using in your scenes, you can keep a consistent render workflow using Nyx DBR.

We’re also happy to announce our pricing scheme, we tried to do something that sounds fair for everyone. Nyx DBR comes in two flavours, Standard and Plus license. All buyers will get the final release and future updates until a next major point version.


  • Supports up to 10 nodes
  • 99€ (89€ for Alpha Early Adopters)
  • Supports up to 100 nodes
  • 179€ (161€ for Alpha Early Adopters)


Nyx DBR is compatible with 3ds Max 2013 / 2014 / 2015. Tested with Scanline, Iray, mentalray, V-ray and Corona.


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Meanwhile enjoy our two first intro videos about Nyx DBR that show how easy it is to get it running. Thanks and we’ll see you around!







Rendering with Corona


Nyx DBR Cloud rendering with Microsoft Azure

Thanks to our friends at Studio Niskota for providing us the first image rendered with Nyx DBR!

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  1. Dave
    | Reply

    So what versions of Max are supported? Is this just for 2015? Or do earlier versions work as well?

    Anyway, congrats on getting this in to alpha, it’s looking great!

    • Artur Leao
      | Reply

      Hi Dave, good point, we should have that over there.

      We support Max 2013 and up 🙂

      Thanks for your words my friend!

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