Nyx Voltron, almost there!

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I know it’s been a while but trust me we’ve been working on Nyx on the background and Jonathan has made an incredible work with Nyx Voltron! I can tell you we are already in closed beta just doing some minor refinements and Nyx Voltron is very close to release, so don’t forget to check our updates and also subscribe to our newsletter!



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  1. Marco
    | Reply

    That looks great! Tremendous work folks!
    AE integration never looked better, this rocks!

  2. Mihir Thakker
    | Reply

    It seems really promising for the industry. For your support I posting the news on my blog..good luck Team

  3. […] new recent posts suggests that Nyx Voltron is very close to a release. The team is nearly finished with the closed beta […]

  4. Jignesh Jariwala
    | Reply

    Looks great Artur! Seems very easy now ))

  5. Jignesh Jariwala
    | Reply

    Is it 2-way? For example, I imported walking actors footage in AE and where I need to animate their walk in AE (actors walking over “treadmill”), so if I convert that scene in 3D in AE and send it over max to animate those actors cards to animate walk.
    Is it possible to send scene from AE to Max?

    • Artur Leao
      | Reply

      Thanks for your words Jignesh! Currently we are focusing on Max -> AE 🙂

  6. Chad Smith
    | Reply

    Can not wait to give this a spin! Great work!

  7. Chris
    | Reply

    Hi guys,

    I downloaded your plugin and trying to use it (it looks amazing BTW !)
    I went through the steps on the plugin page but I cannot find the Nyx voltron in my 3dsmax….
    Do you need to install a plugin or something in max ?
    Thanks !

  8. Julien
    | Reply

    Hello, i just installed the trial version of Voltron : i strictly followed your instructions. Server is ON, client is OK. After Effects is open (node is recognized by client) but with 3DSMAX 2015 it doesn’t seems to see the voltron node. It just doesn’t connect…any clue on this ?

  9. Nikolay Nikiforov
    | Reply

    I downloaded the free evaluation copy, but it seems that it can not recognize the After Effects CC 2015 existence!
    The installation started with the message “Voltron requires Adobe After Effects CC 2014 or higher” but the process continued and finished successfully.
    Then I was able to start the server and the client, and open the UI from 3ds max 2014, but when I go to AE/Winow/Extentions – nothing…
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance!

  10. Artur Leao
    | Reply

    Hi everyone, we’ve updated the build that should fix these install issues. Please download again from our product page.

  11. Julien
    | Reply

    Ok, i retried today (had put it in sleep because i never successfully ma,naged to do it work since).

    I downloaded the latets version and .. the result is exactly the same : Everything works fine with AEFX CC 2014, node is recognized, but…unable to made it work with 3DSMAX 2014. It just doesn’t recognise the node.

    Don’t know what to do…anyone working with this tool actualy ? Some feedbacks ?

    Thanks !

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