FumeFx Submitter


FumeFX Submitter is the perfect tool to manage your FumeFX simulations. FumeFX Submitter lists all the grids in your scene and allows you to calculate your simulations using a version and token based system, setting up automatically all paths for you for each grid. You can also increment the 3ds Max file version as you go.

Available for 3dsmax 2014+
Requires Deadline 5.2, FumeFX 3.5.x.

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  • Works with Deadline 5.2
  • Path setting with token base system, with support for FumeFX properties, 3ds Max directories, cache state
  • Deadline submission with dependencies, for default, wavelet, retime and render, per container or render all
  • Data is persistent to the FumeFX container, so it can be merged into a new scene
  • E-mail notifications
  • Twitter notifications (Can be used to get SMS notifications)