mScrub Pro


mScrub Pro is a tool for animators that allows you to easily scrub the timeline and navigate through keyframes with the mouse wheel, among other options targeted for animation in 3ds Max.

Requires 3dsmax 2012+

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  • Improved user interface
  • Scrub timeline with your mouse wheel (hotkey + Mouse wheel)
  • Customizable hotkey (no longer hard coded for Spacebar)
  • Hotkey starts/stops playback
  • Custom frame step (hotkey + Ctrl + Mouse wheel)
  • Turn object trajectory On/Off (hotkey + Middle mouse button)
  • Realtime playback toggle (hotkey + Ctrl + Right mouse button)
  • Return to current frame on scrub mode (hotkey + Ctrl + Left mouse button)
  • Return to current frame on playback mode (hotkey + Shift + Left mouse button)
  • Follow selected objects on scrub or playback
  • Ghosting for playback or scrub, without affecting the global ghosting settings
  • Quickly filter keyframes based on transform, using W, E or R keys
  • Settings dialog + preferences saved to file


How to install

Run the installer.
After installation open 3ds Max.
Go to Customize Menu -> Customize user interface
Select the Keyboard tab
Select “You can do it! VFX” category
Assign a hotkey to mScrub (preferably Spacebar)

Note: If you have problems installing, run 3dsmax with administrative rights

2016.00 changelog

– Renewed UI
– Follow selected objects on scrub or playback
– Ghosting for playback or scrub
– Quickly filter key frames based on transform

2014.00 changelog

– UI improvements
– New features (custom hotkey, return to current frame, custom frame step, settings menu, etc)
– Removed DLL dependencies

2013.04 changelog

– Removed annoying messages in the listener
– Temp camera created by mScrub is now hidden

2013.03 changelog

– Now works on 3dsmax 2010+
– New feature, right click turns on/off trajectory for selected objects
– Fixed playback bugs

2013.01 changelog

– You can now hit space (without holding) to Play/Stop animation.

2013.0 changelog

– Initial release