Parameter Copy/Paste


Copy parameter between objects easily.

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Hi guys, ever wanted to copy/paste parameters from objects, cameras, lights. Well with this script, you can. You can copy all the object parameters or filter, and just copy the ones you want. There are 3 macros included, one for the UI and two for calling just copy and paste (the filter is set to *).

For TD’s you can call ::yParameterCopierStorage.ParameterCopy obj filter:”parameters;to;filter” for copy and ::yParameterCopierStorage.ParameterPaste objs ignoreType:false for paste.


How to install

Unzip, and put the script on the folder of your choice.
Drag or run the script in max to install.
There should be 3 new macros under the category “You can do it! VFX”.


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