yVR is a new multiplatform tool that allows you to view your mono and stereo 360 renders directly on your device either in 360 or cardboard mode. yVR works locally for artists that want to see their work directly on their final medium or across the internet to showcase to clients and get fast and efficient feedback on 360 projects.

yVR Client for iOS and Android downloads are available below. yVR Client for PC and WebGL are included in the installer.


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Run the yvr_setup.exe. Here, you can install the all components in a single machine, or place yVR Server in a different machine. Note that the license is installed where yVR Server is installed. yVR Server can also be installed as a Windows service.

If you choose to install yVR Server you will be asked for activation at the end of the install process. You’ll need the order number and the email address used to make the purchase, as well as a MAC Address (network card) to be bound to the license. If you have any problem with activation, please contact our helpdesk.

If you want to use the WebGL client without setting up web server, yVR Server provides this capability by default. Use the yVR server address in the URL, in the local machine its

On the first run of yVR Server (doesn’t apply when in windows service mode), it will ask to run in Administrative mode so it can configure yVR Server connections on address http://+:11000.

Open port 11000 on your firewall to be able to receive remote connections.

Getting started

yVR is composed by 3 separate layers of software. yVR Server, yVR Clients and yVR Plugins. You need to run yVR Server on the machine you will be doing your 360 renders and yVR client on the same machine or another supported device. Currently yVR has plugins for 3ds Max and Houdini.

Your 3D application needs to support render to 360 monoscopic or stereoscopic (top/bottom) equirectangular images, which are common in most of the commercially available renderers nowadays.

yVR Standard License allows you to run up to 2 yVR Clients.


  • Supports 360 and cardboard mode (mono, stereo top/bottom)
  • Supports 2D renders (stream your 2D renders to your devices or remotely to your clients/coworkers)
  • Send updates to yVR Clients on render finished
  • Send progressive updates to yVR Clients
  • Send previously rendered images to yVR Clients
  • Use as a 360 viewport or as a separate app
  • Allows local and remote connections
    • With WebGL yVR Client, use http://yourip:11000?server=yourip to allow your coworkers or clients to directly connect to your machine.
    • To enable remote access, you need to do port forwarding on your router from port 11000 to your machine running yVR Server

Supported renderers (yVR Plugin)

  • 3ds Max (2014+)
    • Vray (supports production/interactive/activeshade mode)
    • Corona (supports production/interactive/activeshade mode)
    • Redshift (supports production/interactive/activeshade mode)
    • AMD ProRender (supports production/interactive/activeshade mode)
    • Fstorm
    • Any render that supports 360 cameras (might have limited functionality, depending on the renderer implementation)
  • Houdini (16+)
    • Mantra


Supported platforms (yVR Client)

  • iOS
  • Android
  • PC
  • WebGL


yVR Setup with Corona

yVR Setup with Vray

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