Python versions in CG Software

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I was looking for a list like this one but couldn’t find it so here’s one! Let me know if you want me to add more items to it.



3dsmax 2015 2.7.3
Maya 2015 2.7.3
3dsmax 2014 2.7.3
Maya 2014 2.7.3
Softimage 2014 2.7.3
Maya 2013 2.6.4
Houdini 13 2.7.5
Modo 701 2.6.2
Lightwave 11 2.7.2
Blender 2.70.0 3.3
Eyeon Fusion 6.4 2.7/3.1
Nuke 8.0v2 2.7.3

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  1. Johan Boekhoven
    | Reply

    Eyeon Fusion supports different external versions via bindings :

  2. jdmulti
    | Reply

    Looks like Autodesk sticks with the old stable python 2.0 instead with 3.0 Reason would be, they have it compatible with other software from Autodesk. However, I wonder when they switch to 3.0. Knowing Autodesk, they might switch when Python 4.0 comes, or it just never happens. :/
    Good to know what python versions they use 🙂

  3. Artur Leao
    | Reply

    Well, I think they will stick for 2.7 as long as that is the major version used by big studios. Also most of the modules are still not ported for 3.0, funny thing, the more I started to do MaxPlus and python, the more I started to do C# and using the .NET API 🙂

  4. Christoph Buelter
    | Reply

    Nuke 8.0v2 is using Python 2.7.3

  5. Artur Leao
    | Reply

    Thanks Christoph! Updated 🙂

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