So… what’s up Doc?!

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Hi everyone! I’ve been quiet but also very busy and I’d like to show you guys what I’ve been doing…. Hope you like it!



Yep, that’s it! This is the next update for iDevCam 1.5, free for existing users! Which by now has the following updates:

– Control 3dsmax playback directly on iDevCam (Go to Start, Previous Frame, Play/Stop, Next Frame, Go to End)

– Enable/disable extending the timeline when recording

– Filtering the iDevice movement, Raw (which is the default and the only one present in iDevCam 1.0), High (implements an High Pass Filter), Low (implements a Low Pass Filter, basicaly smooths out the movement)

– Locks, now you can move the camera in all axis, two axis at a time 😀

– Adjust the frequency the data is transmitted

– More to come!


Well, hope this turns out a good update and that you all like it! Cheers and keep in touch! Don’t forget to e-mail me what you’ve been doing with iDevCam!

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