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Hi guys, in an effort for better coding practices and overall improvement in my workflow I refactored most of the code I had in the first post regarding 3dsmax an python.

I have now a better directory structure, not perfect, if you have tips, shoot them please! I’ve also tried to clean up and create a bunch of packages, that I will probably keep adding stuff there, hopefully you will to…. because I have now hosted this in GitHub, so you can help me back, and I can help you back again, and… you get the idea, collaborate!  If all goes well, I’ll try to setup some cool stuff along with the GitHub repository, mean while, here’s the link: 


So you still have there my MxsRunner package that I wrote so I can use PyCharm as my IDE while doing stuff with max and python, then I started to add some very simple stuff,  another package just for maxviewport related stuff, for now I wrote something to grab the viewport to a file on disk… Last but not least, I did something that I’m really happy with, I never did any Facebook App thingie before so this was a really nice challenge (on-going!), with the maxfb package, you can connect to my 3dsmax python connector app and post either messages or photos directly from 3dsmax (or blender!).

I tried to add an example for each of the stuff I’ve been writing, since I was always learned by looking at other people’s code. And that’s pretty much it. Hope you like it, hope you use it, hope you share it and of course hope you contribute to it!


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